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Editing News #1—2018[modificare]

2 martie 2018 22:56 (EET)

Enabling a helpful feature for Template editors[modificare]

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The team working on TemplateStyles at the Wikimedia Foundation would like to enable TemplateStyles on this wiki.

TemplateStyles is a feature to allow non-administrators to write and manage CSS styles for templates. It allows contributors who edit templates to separate content and presentation. A good web practice that makes it easier to manage the layout of templates. If you don't edit templates, this will not have any impact on your contributions.

TemplateStyles is useful for a few reasons.

  • It makes it possible for templates to work better on mobile.
  • It cuts out confusion on where to apply CSS rules.
  • Editing CSS is currently limited to administrators, which is a major barrier to participation.
  • All stylesheets must be loaded on all pages (whether they actually use the page or not), which wastes bandwidth and makes debugging style rules more difficult.

You can learn more about TemplateStyles on Technical documentation is also available.

This is an optional feature and no one must use it, but template contributors are encouraged to do so! Please discuss and let us know if there are any concerns. If there are no concerns we will proceed to deploy the feature on the 28th of March.

Thank you.

CKoerner (WMF) & Whatamidoing (WMF) (discuție) 21 martie 2018 18:35 (EET)

Update on page issues on mobile web[modificare]

CKoerner (WMF) (talk) 12 iunie 2018 23:58 (EEST)


The Wikimedia Foundation's Community Tech team is planning on removing the RelatedSites extension from this wiki. RelatedSites was developed for Wikivoyage/Wikitravel many years ago as a way to link to other wikis, seen in the sidebar as "Related Sites." This extension repeats the work of Wikidata's "In other projects" that you also see in the sidebar. Since RelatedSites is only used by Wikivoyage and is no longer supported, it is necessary to remove RelatedSites.

There are less than five hundred pages on this wiki using RelatedSites links. Removing the RelatedSites links can be done by manually or by script by the community, or the Community Tech team can remove the links. Which does the community prefer? The links need to be removed within the next three weeks before the extension is removed. Keegan (WMF) (discuție) 4 septembrie 2018 22:19 (EEST)

Editing News #2—2018[modificare]

2 noiembrie 2018 16:17 (EET)

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