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This template places a banner and horizontal Table of Contents at the top of travel guide pages. This template is a wrapper around the mw:Extension:WikidataPageBanner extension and should be used instead of invoking the extension directly. For more information about page banner usage on Wikivoyage, see Wikivoyage:Banner Expedition.

Basic usage: {{pagebanner | image name }}

  • To use the default banner, which inserts the page name and TOC on top of generic image, simply type {{pagebanner}}
  • image name: Enter the name of the image to use in the banner (excluding "File:"). Images should have a width-to-height ratio of 7:1, preferably 2100 x 300 pixels, and be at least 1800 pixels wide.

Customizing the banner: {{pagebanner | image name | caption text | page name | disambiguation | star | DotM | OtBP | Ftt | TOC box }}

The template has the following options:

  • caption text: Recommended. Enter caption=description to display a description of the picture when a mouse pointer is placed over the banner image.
  • page name: Optional. Enter pgname=name to display in the banner. Only enter a name if you want it to be different than the formal name of the page.
  • disambiguation: Optional. Displays a disambiguation icon in the banner (a question mark) and the disambiguation hatnote after the banner. Enter disambig=yes if the name of the disambiguation page is page name (disambiguation). Enter disambig=disambiguation page name if the disambiguation page name is different from the current page name.
  • star: Optional. Enter star=yes if the guide is a Star article. This displays the Star article symbol in the top right corner.
  • DotM: Optional. Enter dotm=yes if the guide is a previous Destination of the month. This displays the DotM symbol in the top right corner.
  • OtBP: Optional. Enter otbp=yes if the guide has been featured on Off the beaten path. This displays the OtBP symbol in the top right corner.
  • Ftt: Optional. Enter ftt=yes if the guide has been a Featured travel topic. This displays the Ftt symbol in the top right corner.
  • unesco: Optional. Enter unesco=yes if the guide is or describes a site on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Only the lowest level guides in the hierarchy should be tagged (ie, Sydney/City Centre for the Opera House, not Sydney). This displays the World Heritage symbol in the top right corner and adds a category.
  • TOC box: Optional. Enter box=black for the TOC to appear in a translucent black box with white type. Enter box=white for the TOC to appear in a translucent white box with black type. Enter nothing for the default solid grey box with black type.
  • notoc: Optional. Enter notoc=true to stop the TOC being included in the banner and for the entire TOC to be shown within the article instead. Mainly to be used on articles with lots of sections.
  • index: Optional. Enter index=yes for banners on title/index pages or pages in other main namespace article categories which do not always get banners.
  • fop: Optional. Enter fop=yes for freedom-of-panorama banners which are not allowed on Commons, to remove them from applicable maintenance categories
  • origin: Optional. Use this parameter to define the focal area of the image. This is used to crop the banner appropriately on small screens. The value of the parameter should consist of an x and a y coordinate separated by a comma. Each coordinate represents the distance from the center of the image as a value from -1 to 1. For example, origin=1,1 is the top left corner and origin=-1,1 is the bottom left corner. There is a graphic here that shows this information visually.